Translation: “Waste is still not transformed into something else, but things could change very quickly. An engineer has just created a new technology, a machine to transform plastic waste into petroleum.
Raghavendra Rao is the alchemist of the New Age: he has found a way to transform plastic waste into black gold within a few hours.
Thanks to this machine, the plastic melts and becomes vapor before going through the catalyst. All the genius is there: a simple 50cm wide cyclinder transforms the vapor into fuel.
“Catalyst only takes into consideration the atoms of carbon and hydrogen. There is no need to know whether it’s wood or plastic or any other thing. Whatever you introduce into it, you will either get petrol, gas or both.”
The fuel just needs to be collected and filtered.
It’s a process that is very economic and simple and has the attention of two people from the Netherlands. Their company, after several tests, decided to sign a contract with the engineer in order to commercialize this technology in the entire world.
“It’s a process that seems so simple in how it transforms plastic into gas or petrol. We visited many companies and plants of the competition with huge devices, but none of them could function or provide the same result.”
Four companies have already purchased this technology and, rather than throwing away their waste, they will convert it to produce electricity.
Right now the competition is rare and the market that would be provided with this innovation could be $3 billion in three years.
“The fabrication of this technology is a big secret and well kept for many years to come.”
In countries like India, which is the first consumer of plastic in the world, to transform plastic into fuel could bring them a lot of money and reduce pollution.”