Global eye on start-up converting garbage into fuel - An engineer heading a start-up from a bungalow in Andheri says he has the technology to transform all of 6,000-8,000 tonnes of Mumbai's daily waste into fuel or gas - in a day - instead of dumping it to rot in a landfill. T. Raghavendra Rao, director, Sustainable Technologies and Environmental Projects (STEPS) filed for a global patent last year for his technique of converting waste - think plastic, sewage, slaughterhouse waste, hospital waste, petroleum by products - into liquid fuel and gas. And it's easy on the environment, for the process does not emit heat-trapping gases that contribute to global warming. Rao, a former oil industry expert, thinks "waste is wonderful, it's a resource." "Mumbai's waste generated daily should be recycled daily too", Rao emphasised. "We aim to come to the market with a globally acceptable system to recycle plastic, electronic and organic waste in 24 hours." The technology is winning rave reviews. THE FRIDAY: No noise, no polluting emissions. SERIES Wait for IIT's electric rickshaw. HOW IT WORKS Waste is split into hydrogen-carbon bonds, then recombined into a molecular structure similar to petroleum fuels. Organic waste converted to gas powers the conversion plant. No hazardous emissions. Costs Rs 11-Rs 12 to convert 1 kg of plastic into 1.1 litres of fuel.