Automatic separation of municipal solid waste into recyclable materials and organic fibers, by Vulcanes Irish company, part of Trenary Holding, manufacturing and distributing revolutionary and exclusive solutions for waste recycling, in collaboration with AeroThermal English company, worldwide leader in autoclaves manufacturing and counting among its customers companies like Airbus, Boeing, Ferrari, General Electric, Lockheed Martin, McLaren, NASA Langley, Renault F1, Samsung, Texas Instruments, …



  • Municipal solid waste is separated into recyclable materials and organic fibers in a fully automatic process
  • Extracted recyclable materials (metals, plastics, glass, …) are cleaned and sterilized, having a high commercial value
  • Organic matters are broken into cellulose fibers, forming a stabilized new material, which can be used to produce energy or as raw material: the “Floc”
  • Less than 10% of waste is rejected at the end of sorting, in a context where landfills become rare and expensive
  • Emissions are far below European standards
  • System can operate in energy self-sufficiency, reusing some of the energy produced during “Floc” reprocessing
  • A complete installation has a very short amortization period, requiring reduced labor and having very low operating and maintenance costs
  • Modularly designed, the system can evolve to meet new needs
  • Autoclave System effectiveness makes the separate collection of municipal solid waste definitively unnecessary, consequently reducing operating costs for the community