Transformation of plastics into synthetic oil and other fuels and transformation of biomass into oil, methane and other gases, by Vulcanes Irish company, part of Trenary Holding, manufacturing and distributing revolutionary and exclusive solutions for waste recycling, in collaboration with STEPS Indian company whose president and process inventor, the engineer Raghavendra RAO, was technical director for major oil companies for more than 20 years.


  • Plastics are transformed into oil and other high-quality fuels
  • Produced fuels are of constant quality, independently of introduced plastics types or degree of impurity (quality guaranteed by contract)
  • Chlorine from PVC is transformed into sodium chloride by catalysis, preventing formation of toxic chlorinated compounds (dioxin, furan, …)
  • Residues of process are recovered as coke containing no pollutants and able to be used to produce energy or as raw material
  • Emissions are far below European standards
  • System is energy self-sufficient, reusing part of produced fuels
  • A complete installation has a very short amortization period, requiring reduced labor and having very low operating and maintenance costs
  • Modularly designed, the system can evolve to meet new needs
  • Refining installation can be designed in order to produce more or less pure fuels according to final needs
  • Other types of waste can also be treated thanks to this system, like organic residues (producing methane)
  • P2P System has been recognized as one of the 7 best inventions of year 2006-2007 by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and the IC² Institute of the University of Texas at Austin, through the “India Innovation Growth Program” of Lockheed Martin aeronautical manufacturing company