Rapid oxidizer which greatly enhances the dissolved oxygen content in the water, even at lower dosages. The freely available oxygen rapidly reacts with sulfides, forming sulphates (treatable), neutralizes the odors, removes the bacteria causing bad odor and frees water from bacteria due to rapid oxidation. The rapid oxidation also removes color, neutralizes phenols, aldehydes, ammonia, etc. The increased oxygen level allows the aerobic bacteria to rapidly multiply and consume the bio matter and fecal matter, reducing sludges. Due to rapid oxidation, the BOD and COD levels drop. Once this water is filtered through a nano coated membrane filter or any other filter, the water quality will be excellent for re-use for gardening, domestic and industrial use, etc.

When sprayed on water plants, MICRO2 neutralizes chlorophyll and obstacles the surface plants in performing photosynthesis, thus interrupting their feeding chain. The rapid chlorophyll elimination will make the plants defenseless, and they will decay within 30-90 days. The re-growth of these plants is also observed to be low. MICRO2 can be very easily sprayed on the floating plants using conventional spraying equipment.

MICRO2 is biodegradable chemical agent, safe for human consumption, that will not harm the human beings, neither will they form any carcinogenic compounds when reacting with organic matter.