Dual phase solvent, specifically developed to dissolve tough paraffins. It can be diluted in water-based and petroleum-based solvents. Biodegradable, non-toxic, easy to use and environmental friendly, it solves the problems concerning viscous paraffinic fluids into wells, pipelines, storage tanks, etc. It acts as an aqueous solvent and creates micro-emulsions which in turn will disrupt the bonds and will make the fluids more easily pumpable by reducing their viscosity.

However, SOLPAR does not create permanent emulsions. The micro-emulsions formed can be easily demulsified by allowing the oil to settle for a few hours. SOLPAR actually enhances the demulsification effect in already emulsified oils.

Added to petroleum solvents, dramatically reduces viscosity and keeps the fluid properties intact even when the solvents evaporate. Further, SOLPAR contributes in reducing the drag inside pipelines and eliminates the expensive hot oiling cleaning method!

It can also be introduced into the pipelines. It is required to be added at 1% concentration in any solvent or water: it will keep the flow lines clean and will prevents paraffin build up and choking of pipelines! Furthermore, it forms a protective corrosion prevention layer inside the pipelines and helps maintain their integrity. Excellent also for the tar removal from metal surfaces.