Natural compound treated to have a great attraction for metals. It has a unique nano structure that readily absorbs various metals like Arsenic III & V, Chromium-VI, Zinc, Selenium, Uranium, Copper, etc. The nano crystalline structure of STEPSORB has a high absorption kinetics coupled with low ionic interference. Further, the high pore volume of STEPSORB aids in rapid absorption and retention of heavy metals, permanently locked up in its crystalline matrix. STEPSORB is a non-hazardous material approved for use in drinking water filtration systems. STEPBORB is a granular medium that can be used as Point of Use filtration device that can be changed easily when saturated.

STEPSORB underwent extensive testing to prove its leaching characteristics and consistently found to be non-leachable, and the metals absorbed by STEPSORB do not leach into soils and meet the US NSF 61 standards. It can be used in large range water treatment applications which include the recycling of Municipal waste water, Industrial effluent, Drinking water applications, etc. The reaction kinetics is so fast that already at the first run the metal adsorption takes place rapidly, providing clean drinking water with metals content greatly reduced to meet International standards.

The periodic backwashing of 8 to 10 weeks is the least backwashed media on the market.