Processed natural clay, which absorbs Phosphorous and Phosphates, impregnated with natural materials, water soluble. Phosphorous in the water is absorbed by the clay and permanently locked in the clay matrix thanks to a complex bonding system which will ensure that the Phosphorous is permanently locked and it will no more be bio-available for subsequent use by the Phytoplankton. The Phosphorous so removed remains in the clay matrix even under intense microbial activity, in case of change in pH value, intense agitation, etc. PHOSTRAP is applied as a slurry using spray pumps on the surface of the water body and as it sinks to the bottom. PHOSTRAP removes more than 85% of Phosphorous. PHOSTRAP removes also Orthophosphates very effectively and the effect is long lasting. Dosage of PHOSTRAP depends upon the amount of Phosphorous and Phosphates available in water. 100 kg of PHOSTRAP removes 1 kg of Phosphorous.