FISSORE Agency – as a specialist in selling “turnkey” systems for waste screening, separating, packing and recycling – is distributor of:


Irish company, part of Trenary Holding, manufacturing and distributing revolutionary and exclusive solutions for waste recycling:

  • Autoclave System: automatic separation of municipal solid waste into recyclable materials and organic fibers, in collaboration with AeroThermal English company, worldwide leader in autoclaves manufacturing and counting among its customers companies like Airbus, Boeing, Ferrari, General Electric, Lockheed Martin, McLaren, NASA Langley, Renault F1, Samsung, Texas Instruments, …
  • P2P System: transformation of plastics into synthetic oil and other fuels and transformation of biomass into oil, methane and other gases, in collaboration with STEPS Indian company whose president and process inventor, the engineer Raghavendra RAO, was technical director for major oil companies for more than 20 years
  • 24h Bioreactor: transformation of organic residues into high-quality natural fertilizer in 24 hours

FISSORE Agency is strategic partner of Vulcanes company and general agent for many countries all over the world.


Austrian company manufacturing waste neutralization systems:

FISSORE Agency is distributor of MedicShred company for many Mediterranean countries.


Dutch company, worldwide leader in manufacturing separation and packaging machines for “dry” waste. Existing since 1950, it is the oldest company in this sector. Its technologies are renowned all over the world for their performance and reliability. The biggest waste sorting platform in the world was made by Bollegraaf: installed in the New Jersey for New York City, it has a capacity of 220 tons per hour!

FISSORE Agency is exclusive general agent of Bollegraaf company for some Mediterranean countries including Italy.


Dutch company, worldwide leader in separation and star-screening technologies, pioneer in the design, development and supply of innovative, reliable and profitable sorting and recycling installations.

Lubo Systems company is part of Bollegraaf Group since July 2001.

FISSORE Agency is exclusive general agent of Lubo Systems company for some Mediterranean countries including Italy.


Austrian company manufacturing all-materials shredders (wood, plastic, electronic scrap, cables, foam, …) and other recycling machines.

FISSORE Agency is exclusive general agent of Wagner company for some Mediterranean countries including Italy.